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Together with the Gods - Songs and dances by the Obihiro Kamui To Upopo Preservation Society    

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This film shows the traditional dances of the Ainu, which have been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. The dances are performed by members of the Obihiro Kamui To Upopo Preservation Society, which has been working to preserve and hand down traditional Ainu culture. The Ainu, the original inhabitants of Hokkaido, have their own language and their own oral literature, traditional rituals, and unique way of life. Their songs and dances express many different themes, such as prayers to the Gods, petitions for a rich fishing catch, and depictions of forms of work, movements of animals and the like. It is our hope to present opportunities for people to encounter and deepen their understanding of the Ainu culture and way of life, which is becoming increasingly rare today.

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