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The Hachigatsu Odori Dance of Yabu - An Inherited Festival    

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The Hachigatu Odori of Yabu with 140 years of history is one of the representative folkloric performing arts of Okinawa and has been designated an Intangible Folklore Cultural Property by the Prefecture. The Hachigatu Odori starts with the day of "Minkubai" in the middle of July according to the lunar calendar. Minkubai means to decide the numbers and the performers for the years Hachigatsu Odori. On the same day, the Yabu Odori Dan (Yabu dance company) is formed and it takes charge of all the elements of the festival, from practice, preparation, actual performance, to even the after-prom party. The Hachigatsu Odori is performed for three days and each day is called Sukumi, Shonichi and Wakari, respectively. During the festival, as many as 30 numbers, including dances, kyogen, and kumiodori, are performed on the stage from the evening until late at night.

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