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Toyokawa City , Aichi
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Toga Shrine - Taasobi Festival    

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The theme of this festival is fire. Young men who have purified themselves under a small waterfall make fire using an ancient technique in order to have the fire dedicated to the gods. Then, they call up the gods residing in the village by reciting their names one by one. The festival continues until the dusk arrives, when a mound of brushwood is lit in the precincts. By this fire, young men impersonating a demon and a tayu woman exchange various remarks.
In due course, the demon that has been defeated by the tayu pulls out a burning stick and tries to chase away the audience by flinging it. However, because it is said that "one will not catch a cold for the whole year if he/she has the sparks poured on," the audience will not leave the demon alone, although they run about to escape him, and night falls amid their cheerful cries.

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