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Niihama City , Ehime
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Folksong dance of an old hometown    

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This film was created with the purpose of recording and preserving the local performing arts handed down in Besshiyama, Niihama City, as well as introducing the beautiful scenery and historical buildings in Besshiyama using old photographs and so forth.
One of the dances introduced is Ushiwaka Odori, which was started in the Kamakura period (1192-1333) and is said to be related to a legend passed down in Besshiyama about fleeing Heike warriors. Juni no Odori was derived from a rain-making dance and the lyrics which are in 8-5 rhythm are sung to an archaic tune. Other dances include Haiya Odori (7-5-7-5 rhythm), Shogaena Odori, Eetokona Odori (7-7-7-5 rhythm), and Tonikaka Odori, which is also called Samurai Odori.
This film was recorded in July 2001, with the cooperation of the Besshiyama-mura Folksong Preservation Society.

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