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Ozu City , Ehime
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Folkloric culture of Toyoshige - Itsujika Odori, Echigojishi, and Shishimai dances    

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The Toyoshige area in Ozu City has three Intangible Folk Cultural Properties designated by the city, namely Toyoshige Itsujika Odori, Echigojishi, and Shishimai dances.
Toyoshige Itsujika Odori (Toyoshige five-deer dance) is said to have begun when Hidemune, the eldest son of the lord of the Sendai domain, Date Masamune, was appointed the lord of the Uwajima domain and took office in the area, bringing experts in Yatsujika Odori (the eight-deer dance), which was a folkloric performing art of his native region. During the course of the transmission of the dance into various areas, it is said, the number of dancers was reduced from eight to five. The dance has been carried on for 165 years from around the 12th year of the Tempo era (1841) until now.
The Shishimai dance, which has a male lion dance and a female lion dance version, is also likely to have been brought together with the Yatsujika Odori dance. The Echigojishi dance, which seems to have begun in the Toyoshige East area in around the 6th year of the Taisho period (1917), is auspicious local performing arts where a red lion and a blue lion dance in unison, the red lion bringing good health, and the blue lion household harmony.

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