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Autumn Festival of Asakura Shrine - An Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Kochi City    

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Asakura Shrine has an ancient history and is called the second most important shrine in Tosa Province after Tosa Shrine, Tosas general tutelary shrine. In the autumn festival held on November 23 every year, various events unfold, including Shinko, in which about 150 parishioners parade carrying the deity, Bofuri and Kamizumo, performed at Otabisho where the parade takes a rest, as well as dances dedicated to the gods, including Nammonde Odori, Koodori, and Urayasu no Mai.
This series of folkloric performing arts was recognized as worthy of preservation and were designated an Intangible Cultural Property of Kochi City on May 15, 1999. There also used to be Miko Kagura and Yabusame. Incidentally, there are various theories as to the meaning of "Nammonde" of Nammonde Odori, including the view that it derives from the Buddhist chant, Namu Amida Butsu.

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