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Amakusa City , Kumamoto
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The souls of the ancestors return to echo in the present - Sumoto Taiko Odori    

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Sumoto-machi, which is located almost in the middle of Amakusa City, has various monuments and cultural assets. In the second year of the Shoho era (1645), after the Amakusa-Shimabara Rebellion, Suzuki Shigenari, the first deputy official of Tomioka, built Sumoto Suwa Shrine as a place of prayer for all the Shimabara Islands. It is said that Mori Sakisai, who was recruited as the priest by Shigetoki, the son of Shigenari, spread the old Japanese religion while having the villagers reclaim plough lands, gaining their trust. The Taiko Odori dance began then to be dedicated to the shrine as symbolizing such trust.
The valiant and gorgeous Sumoto Taiko Odori dance has been handed down in an unbroken line by youngsters as their local heritage in order to inherit the spirit of their ancestors and to hand it down to the next generation. This long tradition becomes their pride and culture. The Sumoto Taiko Odori dance is imbued with a timeless spirit.

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