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Minami-aso-mura , Kumamoto
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Iwato Kagura dance of Hakusui-mura    

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This film introduces the Iwato Kagura dance, one of the local performing arts that have been passed down in the Aso area of Kumamoto Prefecture. The Iwato Kagura dance has a long history, having been performed at Yasaka Shrine in the area from about 450 years ago, and contains the themes of farming and myth. A total of 13 acts have been handed down to the present day, the performance time of which is as long as 6 hours.
A Preservation Society was established in May 1974, with the present members. Since then, as the only kagura preservation society of Hakusui-mura, they have been endeavoring to preserve and hand down the traditional local performing arts not only by giving performances at local shrines and temples, but also by taking part in various events. The society is enthusiastically performing the kagura overseas and has given performances in Taiwan in 1991 and 1995, and in Korea in 2000.

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