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Bungo-Ono City , Oita
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A dance of the gods - Asakusa-school Iwato Kagura    

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The Asakusa school Iwato Kagura is a sect of Ono-style Iwato Kagura, which has spread widely in the eastern Kyushu region and is said to have originated from Asakusa Shrine in Ono-machi at the end of the Edo period (1603-1867). The special characteristic of the kagura lies in its valiant and energetic dance and gorgeous costumes. The dance conveys strength by its fierce and speedy movements whereas the gorgeous costumes create a sense of reality by their styles that differ according to the act.
The film introduces and explains the 36 dances of the Asakusa-school Iwato Kagura, which have remained down to the present day. The kagura were performed jointly by the three Asakusa-school Iwato Kagura companies in Chitose-machi, Bungo-ono City, namely, Shibayama Kagura, Ogi Kagura, and Osako Kagura companies. These are the fruit of the unwavering effort people have made to preserve the tradition. The fact that they include numbers that cannot be performed by any other kagura company makes the film a very valuable record.

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