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Mori Kuyo in Mt. Mitsumori    

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There is a belief in the Shonai district of Yamagata Prefecture (the district facing the Sea of Japan) that departed spirits linger in what is known as Mori or Mori mountains, which is small mountains or thick forests near villages. Mt. Mitsumori in Shimizu, Tsuruoka City, is one such place for worship in Shonai. Local people come and visit various shrines at the top of the mountain, bringing flowers and offerings, on August 22 and 23, which is just after the Bon festival in the lunar calendar, to pray for the repose of spirits regardless of whether they have known them or not. It is thought that the spirits sent back from the Bon ceremony gather in the Mori, pray and then move onto higher mountains such as Mt. Gassan or Mt. Chokai. This film records the Mori Kuyo (service for the departed spirits) performed in Shimizu.

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