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My heart is always at my hometown    

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This is a collection of images that record local performing arts inherited from the ancient past in Kobayashi City. Located in the basin at the foot of Mount Kirishima, Kobayashi City is a beautiful rural city characterized by flowers such as rape blossoms, cherry blossoms, cosmos, and Iris rossii Baker, springs seen in various areas, and a star-filled night sky.
One of the traditional forms of culture fostered in this land is the kagura dance. The Iwato Kagura dance is called Kamme and used to be widely performed in villages along the foot of Mount Kirishima. It used to be a Shinto ritual that performed the 33 numbers all through the night in order to thank the gods for the years harvest. However, three numbers, including Tsurugi no Mai (sword dance), are dedicated at the time of the local summer festival presently.

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