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Miyamawashi paper - An Intangible Cultural Property designated by Yamagata Prefecture    

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Miyamawashi paper, which has been designated an Intangible Cultural Property by Yamagata Prefecture, is a valuable cultural heritage. The paper is produced using a traditional method, which has been inherited and is now practiced by only one craftsman, Mr. Kon.
The process of making washi or traditional Japanese paper is carried out all through the year, starting from the preparation of the raw material, kozo (broussonetia kajinoki), and then going through various stages of paper making known as kozogari, kozohiki, kozoneri, kamiuchi, kamisuki, kamitsuke and so forth. Other tasks involved in making the paper during the process are diverse and meticulous. The wild natural environment of Shirataka, which is deeply buried in snow during the winter months, is also indispensable for producing soft and warm washi paper.
This film depicts the washi making process through the course of the year and includes a conversation with Mr. Taniguchi, who uses the Miyamawashi paper for doll making.

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