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Aizumisato Town , Fukushima
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Rice-planting Shinto ritual of Isasumi Shrine in Aizutakada    

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Isasumi Shrine in Aizumisato-machi, which lies in the south west of the Aizu basin, is a myojintaisha or a high-ranking shrine that was listed in the Engishiki and is the second most revered of all shrines in the Tohoku District. There is also a legend that the areas name "Aizu" originated from this shrine.
The taue-shinji or the rice-planting Shinto ritual, which has been inherited by this ancient shrine, is an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property designated by Fukushima Prefecture, and is performed as the Otaue Festival presently. The festival is held on July 11-12 annually and is revered as Hirutaue (day planting) of Takada, and considered on a par with Asataue (morning planting) of Ise Shrine and Yutaue (evening planting) of Atsuta Shrine. It is a valuable Shinto ritual that conveys the traditional rice planting culture of Aizu through ancient rituals such as Saibara, Shishioi, and Taue Ningyo.

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