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Tsurugimai dance of Nakajima in Namie-machi, Fukushima Prefecture    

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According to the elders who handed down the knowledge by word of mouth, the tsurugimai dance of Nakajima was taught by the practitioners of Shugen-do from Kansai area some time around the Tempo era (1830-1843) and dedicated to the tutelary god of the village, Toshogongen during a festival, together with kagura.
It is recorded that a rain-making ritual was performed involving the whole area of Kitashinehago during the drought in the 6th year of the Kaei era (1853) and the kagura and the tsurugimai dances were dedicated at the waterfall of Murohara, Daijoji Temple, and other places.
In addition, an invocation of the shikanreishin gods began to be performed on the 12th day of the first month, according to the traditional lunar calendar, from the 5th year of the Ansei era (1858), and the tsurugimai has been dedicated and handed down together with the kagura of Tatsuno Shimo, Naka, and Kami villages.

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