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Sairenji-bushi prayer echoing in Hitachikoya - Sairenji Jogyo Zammaie    

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This traditional event of Sairenji Temple, the Jogyo Zammaie, is said to have been brought from Hieizan Temple by a local notable in the Kanji era (1087-94) and is a daihoyo (a Buddhist ceremony) in which the priests of Montoji Temple, a branch temple of Sairenji Temple, gather at the Jogyodo and chant the sutra to a unique melody while walking around the whole day and night for seven days from September 24 to 30. On the first, middle and the last days, an elegant palanquin procession, reminiscent of Gakutoji Temple, is performed in the precincts.
This temple is also called Hitachikoya, which is Koya Temple of Hitachi Province. The ceremony is also known for its hotokedate and famous for gathering prayers not only from this area but also from afar, regardless of religious background, for praying for the repose of the recently departed. A fair is still held during the period, attracting many visitors.

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