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Juniza Kagura of Someya - Sashino Shrine, Ishioka City    

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The Juniza Kagura, or "12-act kagura dance," is a form of sato kagura widely performed in the Kanto District and is dedicated to Sashino Shrine in Someya on April 19 every year. The instruments used are big drums, drums, flute and bells. The performers are clad in kira costumes, and they perform dances wearing masks in silence, except for during Miko no Mai (dance of the priestess). The kagura starts with the first act, Sarutahiko no Mai, and is followed by the second act, Yadaijin, the third act, Naginata Tsukai, the fourth act, Tsurugi no Mai, the fifth act, Mamemaki, the sixth act, Kitsune no Taunai, the seventh act, Tanemaki, the eighth act, Miko no Mai, the ninth act, Oni no Mochimaki, the 10th act, Miki no Mai, the 11th act, Ebisu no Mai, and ends with the finale, the 12th act, Ama no Iwato.
The masks used for the kagura have been designated a Tangible Folk Cultural Property of Ishioka City.

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