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Sasara shishimai of Hanyu    

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In the Hanyu area, the shishimai dance, one of the local folkloric performing arts, used to be performed in more than ten areas. However, the disappearance of local communities due to changes in social conditions and the like has caused them to decline steadily to the extent that they are now on the brink of extinction. The shishimai dance can only be seen in four areas at present. Therefore, the city has designated these valuable performing arts an Intangible Folk Cultural Property in an effort to preserve them. This film has been created as part of this effort to preserve the performance and inform the public.
This film is unique in introducing not just the shishimai performances but also the people who are supporting their preservation. This has been done so that the film can call peoples attention to the need for these cultural properties to be protected by local efforts. The shishimai introduced in the film are performed by people from the Osaki, Kamimurakimi, Shimotekobayashi, and Kuwasaki areas, each performing a different program. Furthermore, the interviews with the representative from each area indicate the issues that need to be addressed
in the future.

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