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Tanabata Festival of Nishi-koiso    

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The Tanabata Festival is normally known as a festival of stars based on a romantic legend concerning Kengyu and Shokujo (the Cowherd Star and the Weaver Star). However, the Tanabata Festival of Nishi-koiso has ritualistic and agricultural properties, including purification before the bon ceremony and praying for rain for the crops. Based on the recognition that this event is of importance for the understanding of Japanese Tanabata observances and folk beliefs, as well as the fact that it is rich in local characteristics, the Tanabata Festival of Nishi-koiso was selected as one of the Intangible Cultural Properties which Require Documentation, etc., by the Government in 2002.
This record was created according to the 2003 Regional Traditional Arts Preservation program (sponsored by the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities and the Japan Municipal Development Corporation). The film is compiled in such a way that the characteristics of the Tanabata event of the Nishi area (Nishi Koiso-higashi area and Nishi Koiso-nishi area) are recorded and introduced in an entertaining way.

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