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Minobu Town , Yamanashi
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Nishijima Kagura of Nakatomi-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture    

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It is said that the Nishijima Kagura was started by a Shinto priest about 400 years ago, at the time of the fall of the Kai Takeda clan, in order to brace villagers spirits and pray for the departed souls amidst the prolonged tribulations of war and the calamity of the flooding of the Fujigawa River. The kagura is derived from the Izumo Kagura and has 17 dances and 20 different hayashi (melodies).
This film includes kagura, such as Gohampei, which is a dance for purification dedicated at the specially built stage in the Saoki area at the annual festival of Amaterasu Kotaijingu Shrine, Amano Iwato no Gi, which is based on the Kojiki mythology, and Ontairyo no Gi, a humorous kagura that expresses the joy of harvest. In addition, the film introduces kagura, including kagurabayashi performed by school children and Miko no Mai (dance of the priestesses), and shishimai dance that is performed for the newly weds and newly built houses as a customary event in the Lunar New Year and dedicated at the Dososhinsai festival.

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