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Nagano City , Nagano
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Sencho Odori dance - An Intangible Cultural Property of Togakushi-mura    

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The Sencho Odori dance of Togakushi commemorates Sencho Ajari as Daisempen of Tendai sect, who was assassinated during the debate between Tendai and Shingon sects at Kenkoji Temple of Togakushi Mountain in the second year of the Onin era (1468). On August 16 every year, during the Lunar bon period, men clad in peasant garb with their cheeks covered with hand towels get together and drink and dance in front of the Senchosha in the precincts of Itsuki Shrine. This rustic dance involves stamping and kicking and is also called the Shichigosan (7-5-3) dance as it consists of seven opening songs, five middle songs and three finishing songs.
In addition, the dance is considered to be deeply related to Shugendo and is thought to be the origin of the dances that have spread widely and been handed down throughout the north Shinano region, such as Karasu Odori, Bonjamono, Kerikomi Odori, and Tanokusa Odori. This dance has been designated an Intangible Important Cultural Property of Nagano City and has been preserved for posterity through the efforts of the Preservation Society.

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