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Once upon a time - Old folktales told by the Satos in Narageshuku    

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A descendant of Kataribe, or traditional narrators, who have passed on the ways of life and the emotions of people from ancient times by word of mouth is living in Narage, famous as a post station on the former Ushu Road. His name is Mr. Koichi Sato. The ancestor of the Satos was a court narrator. However, when writing was introduced from the Continent, this became the way of recording and the narrator had to leave the court for Narage. The post of narrator is traditionally handed down across generations, from the grandfather to the grandchild (eldest boy). Mr. Koichi Sato was also taught to remember stories as soon as he could speak and he can still tell more than a thousand stories without hesitation. There are some certain styles in telling folktales and Mr. Sato uses the style which begins with the saying, "Tonto mukashi atta kezuna" ("Once upon a time") and ends with, "Don bin kara rin" ("This was just a story"). Folktales are full of human feelings and closely related to the locale. The reason why the stories have been passed on lies in the fact that the messages conveyed in these folktales express themes common to every age. The tales that have been inherited from the past are revived as nostalgic and heartwarming folktales through the mouth of Mr. Sato.

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