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Takayama City , Gifu
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Hiwada Festival - A living tradition preserved in a highland village    

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For two days every year, on August 12 and 13, the Hiwada Festival is held amid the bustle of children and adults who have returned to their hometown, against a backdrop of big drums, which are boasted to be the largest in the Hida area. The shishimai dance performed is a rare event where one male and two female lions dance, something that cannot be found other than in the Shinshu and Hida areas. It is a kagura, begins with Akurejishi, followed by Makugire, Suzu no Mai, and concludes with Hembetori to the sound of flute or a song.
The biggest attraction of the festival is the dances performed on the night of the main festival, on August 13, which includes Okame no Mai and Kamiyo Odori, which are performed late into the night.
In addition, the virgin forest of yew trees that surrounds Ichiimori Hachiman Shrine where the festival is held has been designated a National Monument.

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