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Hirakawa City , Aomori
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Yawatazaki Shishiodori dance    

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The Yawatazaki Shishiodori dance, which has nearly 400 years of history behind it, has a yearly schedule that begins with shishiokoshi to dedicate the dance to Hachimangu Shrine in the village on the first day of the eighth month of the Lunar Calendar, then moves on to participation in the prefectures shishiodori convention on the 14th day, and then to the dedication of the dance as Izayoi Shishi Hono at Saruka Shrine on the 16th day. In order to process all these events, practice begins in June. In addition, the dancers perform at care facilities and other places in response to requests from both public and private organizations.
The Yawatazaki Shishiodori dance is characterized by the meticulous and rhythmical dance and hayashi music. However, as there was no written record of either the dance or the hayashi, a visual recording was planned in order to hand down the art correctly. In this film, the representative five dances are recorded in an unabridged manner, namely Miyabome no Odori, Sanshin no Odori, Niwabome no Odori, Hashibome no Odori,
and Yamabome no Odori.

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