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Into the land of Kagura Kochu - Koda Kagura dance of Hanamaki, Iwate    

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Kokonoka Kagura is also called Kochu Kagura or Kagura Ko (kochu or ko means a mutual aid society), and used to be widely performed, being the common form of kagura that visited villages. However, over the course of time, kagura has become mainly performed at festivals and events and the occasions for performing Kagura Ko have dramatically decreased.
Kagura Ko of Koda Kagura used to visit 13 kochu in the late 1950s to the early 1960s, but it visits only 3 kochu now and some of the kochu are considering secession from receiving the kagura.
This film shows the present state of Kochu Kagura that is only just being maintained by the enthusiasm of the elderly hosts and the love of the local people for Ko Kagura. It also follows the steady dedication of people to the maintenance of the tradition of Koda Kagura in order to explore its significance and the future.

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