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250 years of tradition and history - Shinjo Matsuri festival event    

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In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the Shinjo Matsuri festival event in 2005, this film was made with the aim of passing down to posterity the changing history of the festival and its traditional performing arts and techniques in a visual form, as well as introducing widely the splendor of the Shinjo Matsuri festival to people in and out of the city.
The film is compiled in such a way that the techniques held by people who are involved in the preparation of the festival are introduced in each section (creating yatai or floats, creating puppets, costume making, practice for the hayashi music and practice for the shishiodori dance) so that these can be passed down to future generations. As to the day of the festival, the events for each day are recorded and compiled, including the parade of 21 yatai, mikoshi togyo gyoretsu or parade of the portable shrine, and shishiodori dance.

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