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Kanuma City , Tochigi
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Traditional performing arts of Awano-machi    

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This film records and introduces the four designated Intangible Folk Cultural Properties passed down in Awano-machi.
Hidoro no Kanda Odori is a dance that is dedicated at the festival of Osugi Shrine and has been preserved by the custom that women married to men in the village have to learn this dance. Women clad in yukata kimono with sleeves tucked up, holding hanagasa or a bamboo hat decorated with flowers, slowly and gracefully dance according to the tune of Kanda hayashi.
The other three dances are shishimai or lion dances that are performed at the festivals of Gasoyama Shrine in Iriawano, Odeyama Shrine in Kaminagano, and Komatsu Shrine in Kuno. The furyu-style shishimai dance, widely seen in the east of Japan, particularly in the Kanto district, has a form of hitoridate where a single performer acts as a lion, wearing lion head gear, and three such dancers perform together.

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