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Hokuto City , Yamanashi
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Chigo (Miko) no Mai dances of Nagasaka-cho Traditional event of Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine    

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Chigo no Mai is a series of dances dedicated to the gods by the girls among parishioners who have become 10 years old at the night of August 14 every year, and is composed of three dances, namely the first dance, Gohei to Suzu no Mai (dance of sacred scraps of paper and bells), the second, Tsurugi to Suzu no Mai (dance of sword and bells) and the third, Yumi no Mai (dance of bow).
These are dances to pray to the gods for the protection of the villagers from epidemics and disasters and for a healthy and peaceful life. The dances were performed by pure and innocent girls because they also conveyed the wish that these girls would be good daughters-in-law and good mothers when they reached a healthy adulthood.
The series of dances was handed down for 300 years from generation to generation at Wakamiya Hachiman Daijinja Shrine in the Nagasaka Shimojo area of Nagasaka-cho and is designated an Intangible Cultural Property of the city.

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