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A sparkling agricultural spirit - Farmers Art - Pride and joy of earthy living    

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Farmers Art, the traditional craft of the Ueda area in Nagano Prefecture, is a sculptured craft characterized by a beautiful wooden surface that is derived from a unique coloring method and has various motifs such as those of the alpine plants of the Shinshu District.
Yamamoto Kanae, a Western-style painter who lived in Ueda City, started this craft movement during the Taisho period (1912-26), with the aim of improving the lives and giving pride and something to live for to farmers who had no relation to artistic activities. He encouraged them to make the craft as a side business during the agricultural off-season. Presently, on the one hand, many of these crafts are cherished by people as souvenirs and commemorative gifts because of their "warmth," and, on the other, some works of a more artistic character are also created. They were designated a Traditional Craft by the Governor of Nagano Prefecture in 1982.
This film has been created for the purpose of introducing the origin of the Farmers Art movement and the way it influenced folk crafts in Japan, as well as visually recording the production process in detail.

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