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Doburoku Matsuri festival of Hida Shirakawago    

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The Doburoku Matsuri festival of Shirakawa-mura is held in grand manner in order to express joy at a good harvest and to pray for the safety of families and peace for the village at five shrines, namely Kidani Hachiman Shrine, Hirase Hakusan Shrine, Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine, Hatogaya Hachiman Shrine, and Iijima Hachiman Shrine.
Doburoku or raw sake is said to have been used from about 1300 years ago, around the Wado era (708-715), for festivals. In this Festival, the doburoku brewed by each shrine is provided for worshippers and guests from afar, who drink together in harmony with the villagers.
In addition, local performing arts, such as shishimai dance and folk songs, are performed on the Hogeiden stage and the festival remains convivial till late into the night.

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