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Local performing art of Takizawa-mura - Flutes and drums echoing in Mt. Iwate    

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Mt. Iwate, the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture, has been revered as an object of prayer from ancient times.
The Shinogi Kagura and Kawamae Kagura dances have been widely performed based on the shrines at the foot of Mr. Iwate and relying on the Mt. Iwate beliefs. In the past, when there were few pastimes, people in the area looked forward to the visit of kagura to the festivals and for prayers in the spring.
This film explains what kind of performing arts Shinogi Kagura and Kawamae Kagura are, in such a manner that each numbers characteristics are explained clearly in an easy-to-understand way. The film also includes a record of activities throughout the year and interviews with members of the Preservation Society. It also introduces other local performing arts handed down in the village, such as the Osawa Taue Odori dance and the Takizawa Koma Odori dance.

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