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Gannembo Odori dance    

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The Gannembo Odori dance is dedicated to the gods at the annual autumn festival of Ota Shrine in Ayako, Oyabe City on September 3.
The origin of the dance goes back to the Nara period (710-794) and is said to have begun along with the propagation of Buddhism. The dance is thought to have been brought to the area during the Tensho era (1573-1592) when Oda Nobunaga and Ishiyama Honganji Temple made peace (over the Ishiyama Battle). It is said that the believers, who had suffered from long years of battle, were overjoyed and danced wildly and those who had enlisted in the battle from this area and witnessed the joyous scene brought back this dance on their return.
Behind the performers clad in clerical garb dyed in black, holding dashi, a paper lantern inscribed with gannembo (praying monk), tenkataihei (peace of the world), and honemmansaku (good harvest) and hung at the end of a stick, monks wearing the same clerical garb dance to music played by traditional musical instruments such as shakuhachi and shamisen.

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