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A record of usukuchi shoyu soy sauce manufacturing and the skilled techniques employed    

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The usukuchi shoyu or light colored soy sauce that was born in Tatsuno has been continuously manufactured ever since the Edo period. However, as recently mechanization has replaced the conventional process, the traditional techniques are vanishing. The ages of those who have inherited the craft are also advanced and it is expected that the technique will be lost from the area completely in the future. Because of this, this film was created to record the techniques visually so that they could be preserved and handed down into the future.
In the film, present and traditional processes of shoyu manufacturing are contrasted so that the significance of the traditional process can be understood. In addition, the manufacturing process of the shoyu barrels and the traditional techniques of koji or rice malt production, both of which were essential industries related to shoyu production, are included. Incidentally, the digest versions were made for the barrel production and the koji production so that they can be viewed by more audiences.

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