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Kure City , Hiroshima
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Yagura Matsuri festival of the Ocho area    

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The Ocho Yagura Matsuri festival signifies the coming of autumn to the Ocho area. On the last Saturday of September every year the festival is held on the stage of Fudaba, the square in front of Utsu Shrine, to pay gratitude for the autumn harvest and to pray for bumper crops, the fulfillment of wishes and the prosperity of the community. The record states that it was already performed during the Kyoho era (approximately 250 years ago).
The biggest attraction of the festival is the parade of the oyagura or big turret float. In the hirumawashi session during the day, children get on it to hit the drum inside and to call out from on top of the shouldering beams, making the weight of the oyagura as heavy as two tons.
This film starts with the scenes of the yagura being prepared on the day before the festival and moves on to depict the scenes of the events on the day of the festival, including Miyahajime, Miyadashi, Hirumawashi, and Miyaire.

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