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Shobara City , Hiroshima
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Bon dances of Yuki, Hono Hanataue ritual of Mukoizumi, and Shuki Gakumai dance of Otsuki Misumiyama Shrine    

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Situated on the south side of the Chugoku Mountains, Kuchiwa-cho in Shobara City has thrived through agriculture. Also, as the area had a strategic importance for iron production, many mountain castles were built, the representative of such historic sites being the Ongasebashi where the Mori clan and the Amako clan fought.
In addition, performing arts with the theme of agriculture and battles remain till today. For this time, some of these performing arts are introduced in the film, including Mukouizumi no Dengaku, which is said to have been dedicated to Takaokami Shrine since around 1400, Shuki Gakumai dance of Otsuki Misumiyama Shrine, which is said to have started as a prayer for victory in war for Lord Izumi, the castellan of Kuroiwa Castle, who ruled over the area, and bon dances of Yuki, which include dances for consoling the spirits of the local bushi warriors and peasants who fell in the calamities of war during the Warring States period, and kasa odori or umbrella dance for praying for a good harvest.

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