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Mitoyo City , Kagawa
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Omikoshi and Goshinsen - Carrying the grand festival to posterity - Kutsunugi Hachiman Shrine: Mikoshi parade through the pine woods Kamo Shrine: Goshinsen and Grand Festival    

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In the olden times, the representatives of the parishioners of Hachiman Shrine were always those engaged in agriculture and fishing and those of Kamo Shrine were those engaged in merchant activities, and each of the shrines held a grand festival. As these shrines decided to hold their festivals one after the other from around the time of the World War II, we can now see the characteristic festival of both shrines in succession.
Although both shrines have dashi or floats in common (i.e. shishi and chosa), the carrier for the goshintai or object of worship is utterly different because it is an omikoshi (portable shrine) for Hachiman Shrine but a boat for Kamo Shrine. This difference has its origin in the fact that the roles of the two shrines have been opposed to each other ever since the olden times.
This film is made with the aim of handing down these traditions to future generations and raising the awareness of ordinary residents by recording the scenes of practice and the preparation of the festivals.

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