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Uchiue Matsuri festival    

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The Uchiue Matsuri festival, which has been passed down in the Imanishi and Tashiro areas of Ebino City, is an event to pray for a good harvest that is held on the Sunday nearest to Hatsuu (the first day of the rabbit in the year) every year.
People in the Imanishi area visit Tashiro Amamiya Shrine, accompanying a man acting as the years Shimba (the divine horse) and have the Otokogami or male god possess him. Then people from both areas walk to Imanishi Katori Shrine. During this passage, the Shimba is tapped with bamboo leaves on his back and bottom by the waiting congregation and flees into Katori Shrine. A real horse used to be used for this ritual but it has been replaced with a man now.
After the Shimba arrives at Katori Shrine, a Shinto ritual takes place and is followed by humorous Taue Kyogen or rice planting comic dramas performed by the local people dressed up as peasants.

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