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Conveying the ancient spirit to the present - Local performing arts of Yaku-cho, the World Heritage site    

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Yaku-cho, located in the southern part of Yakushima Island, which has been designated a World Natural Heritage site, has three traditional local performing arts.
The Jochiku Odori dance, which has been handed down in the Ambo area, the eastern part of Yaku-cho, is a time-honored dance with 300 years of history, performed in honor of the virtue of Tomari Jochiku, a Confucian scholar from the Ambo area. The Gocho Odori dance of the Hara area is a valiant drum dance, which was revived in 1997 after a break of 86 years. The Kasa Odori dance of the Yudomari area is said to have been brought by people from the Ryukyu Islands who were washed ashore on the shore of Yudomari at the end of the Edo period (1603-1867).
All these dances have a shortage of successors to carry them on. The aim of this film is to record everything, from the origin of these dances to the make-up techniques, so that they can be passed on to the future.

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