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Minami-Osumi-cho , Kagoshima
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The hometown with eternity - Local traditional performing arts of Sata-cho    

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The Taiko Odori dance or the drum dance, which is also called Zukkankan, is said to have originated from a dance celebrating victory when the Shimazu clan sent troops to Ryukyu. It has been handed down and is still performed in Agenosono at the Gion Matsuri festival held on the 15th day of the sixth month according to the Lunar Calendar, in order to pray for a good harvest.
The Agenosono Taiko Odori dance consists of about 30 performers who take charge of the drum, gong, horagai (a conch-shell horn), and nobori banners. In the past, seven Kado provided a pair of drum and gong players and a total of 14 people used to play. The Kado is a predecessor of the present Han (corps) and Agenosono has seven such Kado, namely Irigamachikado, Nagahamakado, Abokado, Mochidomekado, Agenosonokado, Horikirikado, and Uekikado.
At present, dancers are chosen by discretion regardless of the Kado. However, the custom of providing a nobori banner bearer by the Kado is still practiced. In addition, this drum dance goes by the name of Zukkankan and was performed as a rain-making dance as well. It is said that performing the drum dance did mysteriously
often bring rain.

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