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Shichifukujin and Rice Planting Dance of Ishii - Nihonmatsu City    

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This folkloric performing art has been passed on in the former Ishii village in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, and used to be performed on January 15 according to the lunar calendar, with visits to the houses in the village. This is one of the rice planting dances unique to the Tohoku district, where the process of rice cropping is depicted mainly through the form of dancing, expressing a wish for a good rice harvest and silkworm growth. The dance performed before this is the Shichifukujin (seven gods of good fortune). Because of the combinations distinct locality as one variety of Japanese Yoshuku Geino (folkloric celebrations in anticipation of good fortune), they have been designated National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties on December 26, 1995.

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