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Yanagiu washi paper and Matsukawa daruma dolls of Sendai City    

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Yanagiu washi is a hand-made paper that was developed in Sendai City. It is produced around Yanagiu, Taihaku-ku, Sendai City and is said to have been started by paper craftsmen from Date (Fukushima Prefecture) who had been brought to the area by Date Masamune in the early middle ages.
The robust paper, which is produced adding the tororoaoi root juice to the fiber of the kozo bark (broussonetia kajinoki), has been used for various daily objects, including paper lanterns, sliding paper screens, and wrapping paper, and it is also used for the Matsukawa daruma dolls which are famous for their colorfulness and intricate decoration. The sale of these daruma dolls, which takes their name from that of the original craftsman (Matsukawa), is an essential feature of Sendais New Year.
In this film, the flow of the techniques that have been passed on, from paper making to daruma doll production, is introduced, and various episodes are added, such as recent approaches to handing down and preserving these techniques.

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