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Ishinomaki City , Miyagi
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Fureai Matsuri Haneko Odori Festival in Monou    

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The "Fureai Matsuri - Haneko Odori Festival in Monou" is held on the second Saturday of September every year. More than twenty thousand spectators (which is more than the population of the Monou area) come to see the thousand performers dance fervently.
The Haneko odori is a Honen odori dance which is performed in order to pray for a good harvest and is unique in the fact that it is accompanied by three different kinds of hayashi music, namely Uchibayashi, Kenbayashi and Bakabayashi. This Haneko odori is considered as the local traditional event and is contributing to the revitalization of the city and to the enhancement of regional exchange. The film is of members of the Haneko Odori Preservation Society who are dancing wildly in front of the festival headquarters.

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