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Kita-Akita City , Akita
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Nekko Bangaku dance    

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Bangaku is a kagura dance which used to be performed by the mountain priests of Shugendo. However, the Nekko Bangaku is said to have been brought to the area by the surviving vassals or fleeing warriors from the Genpei Gassen (the conflict between the Heike and the Genji clans) and has been passed down up until the present.
The Nekko Bangaku is performed for public viewing on August 14 every year and highly praised for its superior literary lyrics and its form which contains elements similar to the Kowakamai, the predecessor of nohgaku, unlike the other yamabushi kagura which have been handed down in various areas in the Tohoku District. It has attracted many sectors attention for being a kind of nohgaku that preserves ancient forms well.
The dances are divided into two types: the valiant and energetic bushimai and the kotenteki mai with its quiet and archaic elegance. They have been designated a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

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