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Tonin event of the Toko Yasaka Jinjasai Festival    

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The Tonin event of the Toko Yasaka Jinjasai Festival is carried out according to a Tonin system involving Funakoshi in Oga City, Tenno Hongo in Katagami City, and six nearby villages. It begins with the Shin Tonin Otakeuke on July 7 (in Funakoshi) and 8 (in Tenno) and a wealth of events are performed all through the year until the Shimeosame on July 8 the following year.
The main festival is held on July 7. When the mikoshi, or portable shrine, which parades in the Tenno and Funakoshi areas reaches the middle of the Yatsuryubashi bridge, the "kumomaibito" dressed in red as the mythical Yamatano Orochi (giant snake with eight heads) appears from Funakoshi side and the "Ushinoribito" who has gained the divine status of Susanoono Mikoto appears from the Tenno side.
This event combines the myth of "conquering the Yamatano Orochi" and the belief in the water god which is handed down among farmers and fishermen living around the Hachirogata lagoon and was designated a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property in January, 1986.

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