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Maebashi tobi kiyari, matoifuri, hashigonori preserved by Kasuikai, the Maebashi Traditional Tobi (Steeplejack) Culture Preservation Society    

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The kiyari song which is sung for Maebashi tobi kiyari, matoifuri, hashigonori performances, an Important Intangible Cultural Property designated by Maebashi City, is a work song unique to Japan which has been designed ingeniously to give signals for heavy-duty work, such as carrying huge pieces of wood for use in construction, so that the work can proceed efficiently and safely.
The kiyari is divided into two types according to the kind of work. Out of the two, the tobi kiyari used to be sung for work which lays the foundation for a construction. However, due to the advancement of construction machinery, the kiyari, matoifuri, and hashigonori have now become unified.
In the present day, these rituals are performed for festivals and auspicious occasions, such as the dezomeshiki (the New Year parade of the fire brigade), the hatsuichi matsuri (the first fair of the year), the watarizome of bridges (the opening of a new bridge), and the rakuseishiki (a ceremony to mark the completion of a building).

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