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Children expelling demons    

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The folkloric event introduced here is an important event performed by children.
It is often said in Japan that "Children are gods till seven years old," or "Children are god before they are seven," and so children are considered to be in the process of changing from gods to humans and considered to have a magical power that connects them to the gods. This event uses such a power to expel pestilence and to prove that the children have become important member of the local community.
The event has been run and passed on by assigning each member of the area a role. However, the maintenance of the event has become difficult. Therefore, this film has been made with the aim of recording the present state of the event in order to prepare a system to hand down this event to posterity, thus making an effort to maintain an environment where children can take part in the event and also asking for the understanding of the people living in the area.

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