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Nihonmatsu City , Fukushima
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Mitaue Festival of Hirose Kumano Shrine    

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The Mitaue (rice planting) festival of the Hirose Kumano Shrine has been passed down in Kami-Ota Aza Hirose area, which is located upstream the River Hirose, a branch of the River Abukuma. The Mitaue festival is a very earthly, unpretentious performing art, which involves Yoshuku (celebration in anticipation) for the good harvest and Ta-asobi (a depiction of rice cropping) to predict the years harvest. This festival has been passed down for generations. Through this event, people in the village have prayed for a good harvest, helped each other and overcome numerous difficulties in order to improve their lives. The festival well preserves the strict traditional rules; women are barred from participation, and no word is allowed to be mentioned about the rituals even to ones kin after the ceremony.

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