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Mt. Oyama belief in Kawasaki    

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Mt. Oyama, which stands in Isehara City, has been revered as a sacred mountain from ancient times.
Mt. Oyama had been a mountain for mixed beliefs of Shinto and Buddhism, with the Sekison Daigongen enshrined at the summit and Daisenji Temple with Fudomyoo for its object of worship located on the hillside, until the Meiji Government issued an order for the separation of Shinto and Buddhism in the first year of the Meiji period in 1868. Mt. Oyama was also known as Amefuriyama or a rain mountain as it is the water source for the lowlands, and has been revered as a symbol of rain-making.
In the Edo period (1603-1867), popular beliefs involving visiting Mt. Oyama were actively pursued and many Oyama ko or believers associations were organized in Kawasaki City.
This film depicts the manner of Mt. Oyama beliefs in present-day society by following the activities of the Mt. Oyama ko which still remains in Kawasaki City.

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