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Kodomo Kabuki Hikiyama Matsuri Festival of Demachi    

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Kodomo Kabuki or childrens kabuki is performed on the hikiyama or parade float at the Spring Grand Festival of Demachi Shinmeigu Shrine on April 16-17. Two or three titles are chosen to be performed out of such plays as "Ehon Taikoki Amagasaki no Dan," "Kamakura Sandaiki Miura Wakare no Dan," "Honcho Nijushiko Jusshu Ko no Dan," "Oshu Adachigahara Sodehagi Saimon no Dan," and "Kiichi Hogen Sanryaku no Maki Kikubatake no Dan."
There are three floats, namely the Higashi (East), the Naka (Middle), and the Nishi (West). The oldest parade began from the 9th year of the Tenmei era (1789). Fully-fledged ningyo joruri or traditional puppet dramas were performed until the middle of the Meiji period (1890s) in the Nishi-machi hikiyama parade and those dolls are still preserved.
The Kodomo Kabuki was designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Tonami City as the "Kodomo Kabuki Hikiyama Gyoji" on October 6, 1967 and its status was upgraded to an Intangible Cultural Property of Toyama Prefecture on February 24, 1994.

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