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Kaga City , Ishikawa
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Yamanaka lacquer ware and Prince Koretaka    

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This record introduces the origin of Higashiyama Shrine, the connection between Manago and Prince Koretaka, and the way Prince Koretaka became enlisted as a god, Kijiyasoshin, including interviews with local residents at Tsutsui Hachiman Shrine in Oguradani, Eigenji-cho, Shiga Prefecture. In addition, through interviews, etc. recorded at various places all over Japan where Prince Koretaka is revered, the excellence of the rokuro techniques (potters wheel) of Yamanaka lacquer ware, and the unique advanced Kashokubiki techniques (Sensuji and Yukan techniques) are introduced.
The film is created with the aim to encourage the pride of the local people by reconfirming the fact that the town is Japans biggest production site for lacquer ware and to provide the children with a sound knowledge about their local industry.

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