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Shimada Kashima Odori dance    

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This is a record of the Shimada Kashima Odori, an Intangible Folk Culture Property designated by Shizuoka Prefecture, performed at the Shimada Grand Festival held around October 15, 1995.
The film is constructed in such a manner that the dance is introduced in a through and unified way, including the outline of the Shimada juku (posting station) and the Obi Matsuri Festival, the origin and the features of the Kashima Odori, the preparations and the activities in the main festival, and the maiosame (the concluding dance).
The Kashima Odori is a dance dedicated to the gods as one of the events in the Shimada Grand Festival which has been carried on since the eighth year of the Genroku era (1695). The unique feature of the dance is seen when the dancers in charge of Sanbaso, Okagami, Tuzumi, and Sasara, who are lined up in the parade, each performs a different type of dance at the same time.

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